By Posted in - Best Practice & Email & Mobile on September 11th, 2015

Have you tested your “responsive” email on Android lately? If the answer is no, you could be in for a shock.

Android version 4.4 has resulted in a major change in their support of responsive emails. The mobile platform now no longer supports “floating” of content, a popular technique allowing content to stack nicely on a mobile sized screen.

Responsive emails that have been coded using the “float” tag will now display like this example below within Android 4.4 environments:-

The Orchard Agency - broken email

Obviously, this isn’t exactly ideal.

The good news is, this Android quirk only affects emails read within the native mail app on mobile devices. However, a large proportion of Android users prefer to use the Gmail App instead to access their email and unfortunately within the Gmail App, Responsive emails do not work as intended either.

The Solution


The solution? Go Adaptive not Responsive. Check out the article we wrote earlier on that explains the differences.

The urgency to shift from Responsive to Adaptive is going to be even greater with the introduction of Android 5. Android 5 comes with the announcement that the default mail app will be replaced by Gmail. Simply put, Android does not like Responsive Emails. This means to Android proof your emails you MUST go adaptive.